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All the below is superceded with the following link...: SABA's new requirements Here is a lookup table: MinReqTable.pdf Requirements are updated on a regular bases, as experimental and theoretical data improves the models. The following info is no longer applicable, and only kept here for record purposes.
SABA does not regard any single factor as relevant to determine adequate hunting requirements. Arrow weight and arrow speed, is the measurable values on which these requirements are based, are the most important factors to take into consideration. These recommendations as captured in SABA's constitution as a general guideline (Section 26), is under review, and may probably be amended to take into consideration advances in understanding penetration and other hunting requirements, as well as legislation. The following table provides a general minimum speed and arrow weight guideline for hunting different size animals as is currently suggested. Both speed and weight are required. Category 1: Up to size of the Blesbuck animals, excluding Warthog and Bush pig: 300 gr at 245 fps (KE 40ft.lbs / 0.33 slugs) Category 2: Up to the size of the Kudu, including the Bush pig, Warthog, all predators, excluding lion, Leopard and Sable, Gemsbok: 400 gr at 238 fps (KE 50ft.lbs / 0.42 slugs) Category 3: Bigger species up to the Eland, inclusive of the Lion* and Leopard*, Sable and Gemsbok: 500 gr at 232 fps (KE 60ft.lbs / 0.52 slugs) Category 4: Buffalo female, Giraffe female: 800 gr at 212 fps (KE 80ft.lbs / 0.75 slugs) Category 5: Giraffe male, buffalo male, crocodile*: 800 gr at 230 fps (KE 95ft.lbs / 0.82 slugs) Category 6: Elephant*, black* and white* rhinoceros and hippopotamus: 1000gr at 215fps (KE 105 ft.lbs / 0.96 slugs) NOTE: According to new legislation, no bowhunting of the listed threatened or protected species is allowed, except in the case of controlling damage causing animals. These species include, i.e., apart from the black rhino, mountain zebra, cheetah, lion and leopard, also the caracal, porcupine, common duiker and Cape fox. It is important to note that bowhunters must adhere to the various provincial rules and regulations. Furthermore, no bowhunting is allowed of the listed large thick-skinned animals, namely the white and black rhino, the crocodile or elephant.
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